six missing




Six Missing is the experimental and ambient musical endeavor of TJ Dumser. Relying heavily on effects and improvisation, meditative pieces take shape. Shedding the more traditional format of songwriting and opting for a more pure form of expression, Dumser approaches each piece with no plan. The result is an evolving sonic landscape that provides room for the listener to think and be present in the moment. His first full length ambient release was “Astoria” and featured the captured improvisations from within a small one bedroom (2A) in the city that bears the album’s name. Shortly thereafter, “Repeat” was released and was the most in-depth ambient endeavor he undertook. Putting his profession of Sound Designer to good use, Dumser has continued to explore new musical genres and moods. Moving away from the drone and ambient sound, he released an EP entitled “Better Now” that was his exploration of more structured and composed electronic and synth sounds. As Dumser continues to learn, engage, and experiment, there is no limit to what might be next. Currently working on a full length release of atmospheric ambient music.

Additionally, Dumser has began working on a series of releases under the moniker VOYAGER COLLECTIVE.

One // TJ Dumser

 Dedicated to the six missing souls of The Battle of Brandywine, one of whom made itself known to Dumser.